Happy Friday!

So, today’s my Friday. I’m excited for that. It means I can sleep in. And, boy, do I want to sleep in. Which means I’ll probably wake up around six. It’s sad when 6am is sleeping in. I’m generally getting up when everyone else is leaving the club.

So I wonder: what should I do tonight? Anything?

I’m open to suggestions…

And, as a side note: food always tastes better when the boss buys it.


She was so tired she just sort of fell over. That’s about how I feel.


Ew Ew Ew Ew Ew Ew!

Baths. Are. Gross.

They say baths are relaxing. A nice, warm bath will help prepare you for sleep.

The only thing a bath is good for is sitting in your own filth. What, I should marinate myself for the monster under the bed? “Mmmm,” said the monster, “Uriah stew! Fresh from the tub, even!’