The Storm

I’m very glad I don’t have plants outside. The wind started whipping around 60mph, the trees were sideways, the shingles were soaring from rooftops. It was horrible. So now I’m sitting in the living room with my dad, just chillin.

Chillin is not really the operative word. At the count of ten he breaks the silence. It’s funny, because he taught me how to play that game. Grandma was a sixer, my aunt is between a four and an eight, depending upon the day.

The power went out about the same time the wind hit. For about ten minutes I had no phone whatsoever. It was like the beginning of the Apocalypse. Just what I need to finish out my year: the end of the world. Although, if it were to bring good things, I’d take it.

Now it’s just a matter of waiting for the power to come back on. I’m glad I took that nap earlier. That means if I don’t get much sleep tonight I won’t be too tired tomorrow when I go in for that horrid morning shift.

I still wonder how people manages for all those thousands of years without air conditioners. I’m a spoiled brat, I know, but I like it no higher than 70 in my home, and can’t sleep when it’s hot.

Apparently my cat is a 45. That’s when she allows there to be quiet at all. I’m surprised she’s been this quiet so far.

The end is nigh, but I will keep you posted as the Apocalypse progresses.

Went out and got gas to save myself the trip in the morning. Thought Dad was gonna kill me when I said I was going out. They’d be dead already if I hadn’t left.

Mom woke up. She’s a 1.5 on the counting the quiet game scale. I’ve been home for ten minutes and there has been 5 seconds of quiet.

There are downed trees all over. Some of the people up the street are smart enough to have a generator. My parents? Mom wants to invest in a battery operated fan, and Dad wants an inverter. I can kind of see an inverter, but you’d still need a generator to charge the batteries after they started to lose juice.

She’s counting the fireflies outside. Dad’s reminiscing about the blackout of 71 or 72 or whenever the hell it was. Started yelling at me because I thought it was back in 74.

Somebody, please, save me!

I swear, if I didn’t need the money, I would have gotten a hotel room hours ago.