Music as a soundtrack to a book

I don’t necessarily consider myself a fast reader.  I’m not exceedingly slow by any means, but I’m not a fast enough reader to understand why an author would post songs as a soundtrack to a book.

Music as a soundtrack for writing makes perfect sense to me, however.  I completely understand because I use music to set the mood.  Often times I find the tone of my writing changing in response to the tone of a song.  However, offering readers a song to listen to during a chapter confounds me.  It takes more than the roughly 3.5 minutes of a typical song to read a chapter, unless it’s so enormously short it could easily be likened to a car speeding past one’s house.

And while I will, occasionally, find myself liking a song to the extent I will listen to it on repeat, I don’t think I could ever like a song enough to listen to in the background, repeatedly, until I finished a chapter in a story, and then continue to do so with different songs throughout the remainder of a book.  That seems like insanity to me.

It works in movies because we aren’t having to spend long minutes reading the action taking place.  Rather, we are spending mere seconds watching the action as it occurs.

I must be a minority in this since there are entire blogs and such devoted to this.

^^I dare say, there appears to be a joke in that line somewhere.