To Apple, Thanks for Nothing, Uriah Odell

I may look horrible in drag (no one will ever find out) but I LOVE that movie!  If you don’t get it, you really need to go watch some 90’s movies.

So after getting my phone fixed and enjoying having it back for about a week now (and dropping it, again, in a parking lot*) I decided to finally bite the bullet and sync it with the folks Vista computer to update to iOS4.  Thus far I’m not too happy with it.  I can’t multi-task or anything.  Why?  Because the phone is currently a useless pile of crap that has been “backing up” for over 8 hours! First, I had to update iTunes.  I didn’t think that would be so bad.  Two hours later, I changed my mind.  Thirty minutes after that I restarted my system.  45 minutes later I was finally able to open iTunes.  Then it took another 30 minutes for my phone to even begin syncing.

Then I said I wanted to update my OS.  Great, I thought, as it told me I had approximately 45 minutes to wait, this’ll be AWESOME to play with Pandora while I play on Facebook! Here I sit, 8+ hours later, still waiting for it to finish “Backing up Uriah’s Phone”.

On a good note, however, I finally started reading Rob Thurman’s Roadkill that I bought on release day.  And I also happened to discover that I missed the release day of her latest book.  Drat!  I absolutely MUST pick that up today when Borders opens!