Being an Adult = Being Boring

I remember the first time I saw Star Wars.  It was awesome.  My dad read the intro to me because I couldn’t read that fast yet.  I didn’t ask how the cars were able to fly or how the ship was able to travel through space.  I didn’t ponder the plausibility of laser guns and explosions in vacuums, either.  I simply sat back and enjoyed the ride.

When we’d watch Star Trek, I never asked where the mouths of the Tribbles were, I just knew that they weren’t supposed to be fed.  I never wondered how the Silver Hawks were able to glide/fly through space when there wasn’t any wings.

I simply accepted this wondrous, fictional world created for my entertainment.  There was no conversation on the physics of Star Trek/Star Wars, or anything else, for that matter.  Just simple, unadulterated entertainment.

So why is it that, as an adult, I picked up Neuromancer by William Gibson and had to read the first three paragraphs four or five times before I was finally able to let go enough to slip into the story.  I almost gave up on it (after throwing it across the room) because it didn’t explain anything about where or when it was set.  It didn’t tell me about the world it was in.

I got so frustrated I started yelling about it to my roommate, who then asked, “Did anyone ever need to explain Star Wars to you?”

“Well, no.”

“Ok, then.  Pretend that book is Star Wars.”

And then it clicked.

We, as adults, are so rooted into our world of numbers, bills, paychecks, school choices, and, simply, caught up in life in general, we’ve forgotten how much fun it can be to simply sit back and imagine.  Some people, be they actors, writers, mimes, whatever, are able to let go in this way.

I think the rest of us can learn from those adults, and the children surrounding us, a very simple lesson:

Don’t be so serious, let go, and have fun.  This is our only chance.  Do it right.

I have good news! And it has nothing to do with car insurance!

So, way back when I first discovered the Interwebs and had my first computer, but before I discovered Napster, I found this totally awesome website called (when it was still cool) and had a BLAST listening to all these indy artists I’d never heard of before.  My favorite two were Robin Hackett and claywerks.  I bought the albums from both of them.  Sadly, a couple years ago my claywerks cd had a fatal accident involving a drunken party, apple juice, and sunlight.  So I searched and searched and searched and Googled and Yahoo!ed and Excited and Lycosed and, finally, discovered David Hurley on MySpace and sent him this very sad (read: desperate) message about how my cd died, blah blah blah, and he said, sorry, no dice on the cd, kid.  I was so sad I cried.  Yes, really, I cried.

So, this year’s been pretty shitty thus far.  I haven’t really gotten my hopes up for anything good to happen.  I just figured it would all go downhill some more.  Well, I was wrong, it’s actually gotten to be very, very, very good.  I’m so happy right now that I could cry again.  Why?  Because David Hurley has posted claywerks songs on YouTube and I’m sitting here listening to them as I write this.  Seriously, when he sent me that message on MySpace saying he did so, I think I came.  It’s THAT kind of good news.

So, excuse me while I go listen to some awesome music and orgasm again.

Surrounded by assholes, and not the good kind

I’m moody this week. And tired. At least there was a drunken holiday and good food in the middle of the week. But that just made me more tired. Going to bed with a belly full of beer and rich food does NOT make for restful sleeping apparently.

Nor does a red bull and vodka, which is what I had last night while playing WoW. It’s an ok game. Loads of fun and a MAJOR time suck if you’re bit careful. But the strategy it takes…

No one should have to think that hard to play a video game unless it’s Zelda. If you don’t know what I’m talking about try playing Ocarina of Time.

Also, I’m told I’ve been promoted. Which is awesome because this means I get bonuses when we do a good job. Bonuses mean more savings. And right now, that’s a good thing.

And my boss just discovered women’s tits are two different sizes. How he didn’t know, I have no idea. I told him the human body isn’t symmetrical and that one of his nuts was bigger than the other. He freaked out for ten minutes and said he was gonna have his wife check. Ummm, really? I was taught that in health class. Maybe it’s just the whole gay thing. I think it’s just because I actually paid attention in class. Yes, I was that guy…DO NOT JUDGE ME!!!!

Also, some stupid bitch pissed me off.  I know, I work in customer service and someone pissed me off.  Big surprise.  But this chick took the cake today, even beyond the “I’m just gonna cut everyone off in line because I think I know everything even where your name comes from because you’re obviously completely illiterate because you work at a gas station” jack ass I had earlier.  Her car was broken and it was my fault and apparently that means she has to whine at me for ten minutes when I have other, more important things I need to take care of.

Winner of the Stupid Bitch of the Month Award goes to………………………….THE IGNORANT CUNT AT PUMP 12.  Come on down and claim your prize.  You have now one the title of Stupid Bitch of the Month and will be receiving the worst customer service ever from now on and will be treated like the idiot you are.  How do you feel?