I’ll gladly post Thursday what pissed me off today!

So while I was perusing my news feed on Facebook (no, sorry, not linking that, trying to phase it out of my life) I came across a post from a friend to this article about a woman who was put in jail for saying her children lived at their grandfather’s address so they could go to a better school.  While the idea of such a thing happening makes me physically ill, I realised the article left much to be desired.  So I followed one of the links to a newspaper article which stated much of the same, but still seemed a bit biased to the side of the mother (and, oddly enough, seems a bit biased against the media).  So I thought I’d check out some other articles in the process.

So I did a quick Google for the woman’s name (Kelley Williams-Bolar) and found a number of articles and blog posts about the incident.  So I’m going to read them, and then I’m going to write some more on my take of the subject.


Because I’m an opinionated asshole, that’s why.

So after reading the Slate article I’m beginning to wonder exactly where my school district’s money is going.  How many private investigators are they hiring instead of buying new text books, installing salad bars, or, heck, even hiring teachers?

The most interesting bit, by far, has to be The Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority (AMHA) attempting to find out if she did, in fact, live in public housing with her children.  Now, coming just from the stand point of common sense, if the jury has ruled she did, in fact, live in public housing with her children in Akron, OH, she shouldn’t be getting charge for living outside Akron, OH, because, at that point, the original charge can’t stand.  From a legal standpoint?

Dammit Jim, I’m a blogger, not a lawyer!

But that doesn’t mean I’m not opinionated.  Now, what are you’re opinions?

I have good news! And it has nothing to do with car insurance!

So, way back when I first discovered the Interwebs and had my first computer, but before I discovered Napster, I found this totally awesome website called mp3.com (when it was still cool) and had a BLAST listening to all these indy artists I’d never heard of before.  My favorite two were Robin Hackett and claywerks.  I bought the albums from both of them.  Sadly, a couple years ago my claywerks cd had a fatal accident involving a drunken party, apple juice, and sunlight.  So I searched and searched and searched and Googled and Yahoo!ed and Excited and Lycosed and, finally, discovered David Hurley on MySpace and sent him this very sad (read: desperate) message about how my cd died, blah blah blah, and he said, sorry, no dice on the cd, kid.  I was so sad I cried.  Yes, really, I cried.

So, this year’s been pretty shitty thus far.  I haven’t really gotten my hopes up for anything good to happen.  I just figured it would all go downhill some more.  Well, I was wrong, it’s actually gotten to be very, very, very good.  I’m so happy right now that I could cry again.  Why?  Because David Hurley has posted claywerks songs on YouTube and I’m sitting here listening to them as I write this.  Seriously, when he sent me that message on MySpace saying he did so, I think I came.  It’s THAT kind of good news.

So, excuse me while I go listen to some awesome music and orgasm again.

On parenting parents

So my dad woke up about 5am and was fine. He turned the heat up, went back to bed, and woke up not so fine anymore. His left leg is completely numb and he can barely move it. My former Cub Scout dad, raised by a former Girl Scout, was prepared and had a cane. But he’s having a minor attack of vertigo and can barely use it.

Mom and I have told him to call the doctor, but he won’t. He’s too stubborn. He also feels obligated to stay home and care for my recovering mom.

He already feels helpless, having been forced to retire in June due to his disease. So being laid up now is not an option to him. I can completely understand where he’s coming from. After all, everything I know about being a good man I learned from him.

But I also learned about being a responsible adult from my mom, who argues the point, “How can you take care of me if you’re dead?” A very valid point since my dad is currently experiencing symptoms of a stroke.

My grandparents are the same way. They refused the nurses hired to help care for them, and went so far as to call the police to file kidnapping charges on the assisted living home the court ordered them into.

This is why I can’t leave. I don’t want to get that 4am phone call telling me Mom fell or Dad had a stroke. I don’t want to see them turn into my grandparents, with my dad being forced to relieve himself on the floor because he can’t make it to the bathroom and them having their home condemned.

So I stayed, pretending their helping me by saving what I would pay for rent in an account for retirement or school.

But all pretense is now put aside. I make enough I could move out and still save money, so I had to tell them. That was a mistake. Now the little things I did for them I can’t do. They’ve lost that feeling of being the parent and gained the feeling of being parented. And it sucks. For everyone.