My Phone is Fixed! Yippee!

I said I was gonna write this yesterday. I didn’t. And I’m procrastinating by writing this now. But I wanted to write about my experience with SquareTrade. It. Was. Awesome! In so many ways!

They said I could wait up to six months to mail it in for repairs after I dropped it. Who would want to wait six months to get their phone fixed? Well, I almost missed my time frame because ALL HELL HAS BEEN BREAKING LOOSE! but, really, the experience was great.

They sent me this nifty iBox (get it?) to put my phone in that has foam designed to fit snugly around it. I mailed it off on Monday. When I got the call from UPS it was being returned Thursday I thought I missed the six month mark and they weren’t going to fix it. WRONG! the service was just THAT FREAKING FAST!

And not only did they replace my shattered screen, they whiped my entire phone down and cleaned it! It was like getting a new one all over again!

I totally recommend them to any clumsy person with expensive electronics.