Life is Short


Life is short. Enjoy it while you can. You never know when that flyswatter’s gonna come down on you.

Midnight: the ancient father

When I first moved back to texas in 2005, there was this crazy, stubborn, suicidal cat that would lay in the drive way. He never moved unless you got out and tried to pet him. You couldn’t shoo him away, you actually had to get down and try to pet him to be able to park without killing him.

I’ve taken to calling him midnight since no one ever saw him during the day for years.  Now he’s old, sick, and adores attention.

We don’t know who he belongs to. Hell come around from time to time, sometimes hanging around every night for weeks on end, only to disappear for a few months, then randomly stop in for dinner.

This has been one of those months where he seems to come by every night after not being around for a few months.  He has a few more scars he seems t have traded for his teeth.  We do know someone was taking care of him at some point since he looks to have been hit by a car, then taken to a vet.

His fur is matted. He doesn’t breathe well. But he still comes up to be petted in his greasy, dirty head.

It makes me sad that this sweet cat doesn’t have someone to cuddle up with. It makes me angry someone would just let him run around matted and malnourished. Why bother having the cat taken care of after running it over if you aren’t going to care for it yourself?

Midnight is a testament to things I think we’ve lost as humans, wallowing in our technology. We expect everything to be handed to us. We expect our cars to run, our air conditioners to cool us in summer, our meals to be simple. We’ve forgotten that it’s only from perseverance we’ve managed to accomplish so much. We’re not entitled to anything, from anywhere, for any reason.


Take a tip from Midnight. He knows how easily life can be taken.

Get off your ass and do something.

A Bit of Fall in the Summertime


Between the agave nectar and the Brown sugar, this pie is sweet enough for even the most hardened sugar fiend. Although I think for the next berry pie I make I will certainly process and strain the skins out of the filling before baking. They’re a bit tough. Perhaps it’s from using frozen berries? Any advice from more seasoned pie bakers?



Despite what my dating history might suggest, I have a love for sweet things. Ice cream, cake, and, of course, a good fruit pie. And for the past year I’ve had an almost irresistible craving for blueberry pie.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to find blueberry pie in this town?

Frustrated wanting drives productivity, apparently.


It was a simple recipe I found through a quick search. Not having white sugar I used Brown, and unable to find cinnamon amongst the myriad seasonings in my cabinet, I used pumpkin pie spice, so it’s a Summer pie with a lovely hint of Autumn.


I haven’t baked a pie in years, so I made a few mistakes, but hopefully it will still taste as lovely baked as it did sitting in the bowl.  Even if it is a little dark around the edges.


But aren’t we all?


A Cut and Almost Getting Run Over

The only thought that went through my mind as I dove for the brush, my safety, was, “DAMN! If only I could get a picture!”

And what did I want to get a picture of?

The car, in the hiking park, that almost ran me over.


Don’t mistake my meaning. This wasn’t in the parking lot, or walking to the park. This was inside the park, surrounded by trees, plants, dung beetles, sunflowers, rabbits, and, apparently, motorized vehicles driven by homicidal maniacs who wave when they pass by.

I consider almost being run over by these smiling, waving lunatics almost ironic, and certainly fitting, considering my life, since I just read Fahrenheit 451 yesterday.

I also met a rock that didn’t like me walking on it, and therefore decided to run away.


The end result was me cleaning my leg with tampons (why can’t we be a normal family and have cotton balls?) soaked in witch hazel, shaving the area (no leg waxing via bandaid for me, no sir), and butterflied it shut.



Lovely view, right? Also, here is a picture of some pretty flowers:


Be gentle, please

It’s been quite a while wince I’ve written a poem. No, you’re not going to get the story behind this. And if you think it’s about you, you’re probably wrong…unless, of course, you’re the person this is about…

I felt my heart begin to freeze
When she brought down upon my knees
The Queen of Scots knows my pain
Wishing for a guillotine
One blow, two, then finally three
She brought me down upon my knees

When I first saw you, you were spring
The permafrost began to thaw
And now my heart can glow and sing
Without fear of her frozen maw

It wasn’t once, or twice, nor thrice
Five times my heart’s been encased in ice
I’d built a fort, big walls, a moat
All to keep those traitors out
And as my heart began to freeze
I fell again upon my knees

And then I saw you, wondrous spring
And the permafrost began to thaw
My broken heart can dance and sing
Escaping hates cold, frozen maw

Don’t Ever Get Older

Today I went to the beach. It was fun, I got a tan, and I allowed myself to have Burger King (EPIC FAIL!) which eas beyond mediocre, and not on the good side of that division. I no longer look unhealthily pasty and pale, and I even got to spend some time with family.

After the long drive and such an action packed day (which included, but was not limited to, sitting on a towel for about two hours), I was INSANELY tired when I got home and ate dinner, so I thought I’d go to bed. That’s when I discovered the computer had crashed, so I rebooted it, and started reading shortpacked archives on Dad’s while I waited for another virus scan to complete, and then made sure my computer was running, and fed the cats, and then I needed to wash my face and brush my teeth and all that other good stuff, and then got into a couple conversations on twitter and text and then I laid down and realized I was hungry because, guess what? Fruit cocktail is NOT the ideal “tide me over through my sleep cycle” food that I thought it would be, so I got up and made a veggie wrap and still felt hungry so I drank a bottle of water and smoked a cigarette and fiddled about on Twitter some more and was still hungry so I ate an ice cream cone and now I’m wide awake and don’t feel like sleeping.

And there’s something I’m forgetting to do, but I can’t remember what it is because OH MY GOD I’M GETTING OLD AND MY HAIR IS RUNNING AWAY, but it’s ok, because now I can do this all with a sexy tan.