A Letter to 2010

Dear 2010,

I feel our relationship was a hard one, and set to fail from the start.  I do not put all of the blame on you, as situations came about beyond the control of either of us.  I am certain you did not intentionally set out to destroy me and, in fact, I have come to the conclusion you simply intended to teach me, and for that, I am grateful.

You taught me that just because you have been beaten repeatedly doesn’t mean you can’t still fight.  That sometimes, 出る杭は打たれる being the hammered nail is a good thing.  It’s how you learn to pick yourself back up and be strong again.  And that is what I’ve done.  Over.  And Over.  And. Over. Again.

This entire year has been one thing after another.  I have learned I have strength I never knew I had.  I can handle life, and everything it throws at me.  I can stand strong, on my own two feet, without anyone to hold me up but G-d and myself.  I never knew that before, so thank you for teaching me that.

I learned that making excuses is inexcusable.  That everything that comes must go.  Time is an ocean, and life is the tide.  It comes in, stays for a while, and leaves again.  We are nothing more than brine shrimp, spending our time building our houses wherever the tide takes us, only to have them swept away when the tide changes, and have to build them again.

I see this now, 2010, thanks to you.  I see that, now that I know how strong I am, that I know I can overcome whatever obstacles I’m thrown, I can still succeed.  I can show a tenacity and resolve I have always been told I lack.  I can face outstanding odds and still succeed.

So here’s to you, 2010.  As everyone spends this time welcoming 2011 and wondering what will come, I reflect upon your teachings.