Again with the Writing Post!

I’m probably going to get sick of writing about writing, but I can’t help it, it’s what’s on my mind right now.  Okay, that and this whole thing with work and the not working that it entails at the moment.  They said they’re going to get back to me on whether I’m going to be allowed to work with these insane restrictions I have from the doctor.  I doubt it though, which is kind of depressing, which is why I’ve been focusing on writing so much lately which was the entire point of this post so STOP DISTRACTING ME!

As of this writing I’m at about 6,000 words, which is good, because I’ve never made it that far before, but also frightening because I’ve never made it that far before.  I even went so far as to write out some of the plot before I actually made it that far into the story.  I’ve also been thinking about working on a couple other stories for some anthologies I saw open for submissions, but I’m not sure on those yet.  I have a vague idea for at least one of them, but it hasn’t solidified into something I can even grasp enough to have even a general idea of what to do with it, let alone the concept of characters in the story.  Don’t even get me started on how the plot would look, where it would be set, what it’s voice and tense would be…I thought I told you not to get me started!

Aside from all of that I’ve discovered that one of the best cures when I find myself suffering from the dreaded writer’s block is to read some writing blogs, or agents blogs, or editors blogs, or…well, I think you might get the idea from there.  And then I surf on over to Write or Die, crank up some tunes, and get to pounding away at the keyboard, using it as an axe to chop away at the wood of my story (thankfully my fiction writing isn’t nearly as crappy as what you guys have to suffer through here) until I have enough fuel for the fire of entertainment to burn forever within this novel that I’m certain you can’t wait to read regardless of you not having any idea what it’s about or even what genre it may be, just knowing that you’re so eternally grateful for the epic lack of run-on sentences that this book will have as compared to this blog you so admiringly read, day after day after day.

I’ve also been thinking of challenging myself to writing a certain something on certain days of the week.  Like doing a writing prompt day or a grammar attack day where I challenge the rules of grammar as compared to colloquial english, but I highly doubt I’m qualified for that second thing and that first thing just doesn’t sound entertaining to me because hello, this is a blog, not a fiction page! All that aside, though, I’m grateful to have the opportunity to write everyday now without having to feel exhausted, just a bit of pain, but I’m okay with that because, you know what?  I’m beginning to see the realization of my dream.  Just another 96,000 words and I can start my next project.


Just Like Everyone Else

I read a blog post recently about NaNoWriMo that states the following:

Is it not a classic scenario where so and so has the unfinished novel in his or her desk drawer?

I had to laugh before I almost cried.  I wish my unfinished novel were in a desk drawer, but, alas, it’s not even typed into a document, let alone printed out and sitting somewhere.  And it’s not for lack of trying, either.  I just don’t seem to have the patience to put up with my horrid writing anymore, let alone the attention span to sit down and write more than ~500 words at a time.  I’m lucky if I break 300 in a blog post.

I’m going to keep trying, though, because it’s something I’ve always wanted to do.  It’s a dream of mine.  And this one thing, this one little thing, is what I’m going to work on.  Even if I never finish it, or I never query anyone with it, it’s what I’m going to do.  Because my goal isn’t to get published.  My goal is to write a book or 20, and have some fun along the way.