Rant and Rave! Rant and Rave!

You know what ticks me off?¬† The way people look down on bisexuals.¬† I mean, really, whether you want to call it “switch hitting”, “AC-DC”, or whatever, it shouldn’t be up to YOU to judge OTHER PEOPLE who want to say they are bisexual.¬† I like both sexes, genders, and whatever.¬† I guess you could say I’m “omnisexual”, although I’m not progressive enough to use such a term as that.¬† I just feel silly.¬† But, honestly, I don’t give a crap if you’re genderqueer, FTM, MTF, male, female, or any other part of any kind of spectrum.¬† If you’re a cool person, then cool.¬† Because it doesn’t matter what’s in your pants, it matters what’s between your ears.¬† And you know why?

Spoiled milk.

I read this post on a forum once about dating exes again.¬† This wise, wise person said something along the lines of “if you pull the milk out of the fridge and it’s spoiled, then put it back in the fridge, if you take it back out a few months down the line, does that mean it’s not spoiled anymore?¬† NO!¬† It’s still spoiled milk.¬† So why date someone again if you know it didn’t work the first time?”

Granted, I don’t look at relationships that way because people are people and can grow, unlike milk.¬† Ok, so, maybe milk can, in fact, grow.¬† How else do you explain cheese?¬† But that’s not the point of what they were saying, I don’t think.

In either event, people are people.¬† Period.¬† That’s it.¬† So stop telling me, when I tell you I’m “bisexual” that you “used to be bisexual, but then I got tired of sleeping around”.¬† Uh, hey, thanks!¬† Because what every person wants to hear is how their sexual orientation/preference/whatever is basically a synonym for “skank”.

I am not a ho, thank you.¬† I don’t sleep with anything that moves or has tits or a penis or what have you.¬† That doesn’t mean I couldn’t.¬† I mean, sheesh, I DO have hormonal urges, but that’s why they make clown porn.

So I settle for telling people I’m “half gay”.¬† They usually look at me like I’m stupid unless they aren’t straight, and then they just look at me and go, “Ooooohhhhh….so you’re bisexual.¬† I used to be bisexual, but then I got tired of sleeping around.”¬† It kind of sucks.

And you know what else totally ticks me off is the lack of consideration the working world has for Special Ed kids.¬† I’ve got this employee at work, it’s his first job, he’s ADD with a learning disability, and everyone wants him gone because he’s not picking it up fast enough.¬† No one’s willing to work with him to help him and I rarely work with the kid to help.¬† It really kind of sucks and pisses me off all at the same time because some high falutin retail VP guy has decided that people only get one week (that’s five days or 40 hours) to learn everything they are ever going to need to know about doing the job.¬† That’s just insane.¬† I can’t teach everything you’re ever going to need to do the job in 40 hours.

So, you know what world:  You can fucking go to Hell.  Really.

And I now concede the soap box to the next Ranter.

Its Dating History Wednesday

Hey, look, I came up with a gimmick!  Go me!

So I was thinking today about some of the crazy “dates” I’ve been on. ¬†Some of these memories are comical, some are tragic, and some are downright embarrassing. ¬†What perfect fodder for me to give to you!

Note: ¬†For those challenged at reading between the lines, implied meaning is conveniently placed between parentheses. ¬†That’s () for those who don’t know that already.

Let’s start this story with a little bit of history: ¬†Recently out of a horrible relationship filled with fireworks (which means we fought like cats and dogs, so of course the sex was fantastic) and wanting to explore my sexuality (which means I finally decided to do something about seeing all these crazy sexy guys and get some cock) I joined this online “dating” site (dating is in quotes because it’s a site that was designed to help men find other men who were currently horny so they could fuck without having to end up being arrested like George Michael’s and the whole Bathroomgate thing), because, let’s face it, Craigslist is great for finding a used couch/refrigerator/drug dealer, but trying to find a disease free guy…good luck.

A large chunk of the guys were strictly looking for hookups (which are stories for a completely different post)(the prior set of parentheses were not for those challenged at reading between the lines, but strictly for clarifying that this post is not about some fling filled with crazy sex had with an amazing Latin lover…not that it ever happened…and not that it couldn’t…it very well could…and might have…carry on), but some of the guys were actually looking for something a little more long-term than a one hour meet & fuck. ¬†That’s where I met this guy…let’s call him Fuzz. ¬†Now Fuzz, on paper, seemed like a great guy. ¬†He had a personality, the same dry sense of humor, and was intelligent. ¬†The fact we were both in food service was also a plus.

He invited me out one night with a group of his friends to play pool, and we wound up hanging out and talking for hours.  It seemed like things were going swell.

And then we went on a REAL date…

Firstly, having spent years in management, if I’m going to go on a date with a manager, I completely expect there to be a phone call and/or tardiness. ¬†So the fact our 7pm dinner was pushed back to almost 9pm didn’t faze me. ¬†I was actually prepared and waited at the coffee shop we were to meet at with a magazine and a book. ¬†Shit happens, especially for managers of restaurants. ¬†I didn’t expect, however, for our plans to be completely changed and for me to have to find my way into some neighborhood I’d never been to, nor even knew existed, with only a five minute time frame in order to pick him up instead of meeting at said coffee shop. ¬†I agreed to a date, not to be a coffee delivery man.

I had planned on taking him to a great Thai place I’d scoped out with a “friend” (it’s in quotes because we had dated and had great sex and still occasionally hung out and watched porn together so, basically, she was kind of a special friend without having any benefits other than getting to listen to her moan and the like, as that would have been written “FRIEND” instead of merely “friend”) which it turns out closed at 9pm. ¬†Apparently Fuzz didn’t like the idea of having a romantic dinner under the stars in the bed of a pickup. ¬†Strike one, Fuzz.

So we wound up at Buffalo Wild Wings, sipping drinks, and neither of us enjoying ourselves because we couldn’t hear no matter how loud we were and we kept getting horrible looks and threatening glares from the other drunken male patrons. ¬†Then his phone goes off. ¬†It was a friend, “Hey, come help me fix my car!”

The date then devolved into him stripping into a wife beater (which I thought would be sexy but HOLY SHIT he had more back hair than a chimp!) and crawling around underneath a car (ok, that was kind of sexy) while I sat and chatted with his friend, who, it turns out, was a friend of mine from high school’s completely annoying little brother.

We then wound up at Jim’s (think Denny’s with better food and worse service) with his friend and his friend for four hours. ¬†Then I took him home and got an, “I’d invite you in, but my mom’s asleep on the couch, but maybe we could…you know…park in the driveway…” ¬†Yeah, sure, Fuzz, let’s just park in the driveway and have wild, crazy butt sex in front of the livingroom window RIGHT WHERE YOUR MOTHER CAN WATCH US FUCK!

“Sounds great, but I’ve got to be at work in an hour.”

“Oh…ok…next time, then. It was…nice…”

Cue awkward hug with a 6′ plus guy in a tiny truck and me driving away thinking “holy shit I’ve met someone worse at dating than me!”

So, why did Fuzz strike out? I mean, sure, talking about your ex who’s obsessed with you to the point of carving your name into his chest while institutionalised and the other ex of yours you set him up with but the guy really only agreed because he thought the guy was kind of hot and was hoping for some super crazy porn style three-way action was bad enough, but, seriously, there are razors for a reason. Watching that guy propose to his chick through a message shaved into his back hair was funny, but, ultimately, not something I wish to experience.

Plus, I don’t enjoy having sex with a laptop sharing bed space. I enjoy using every bit of bed space there is to use during sex, thank you very much and, unfortunately, Fuzz had this obsession with technology and had to have a gadget touching him constantly. ¬†I asked about showering but, honestly, I was too terrified to ask about how that worked while having sex. ¬†The laptop-on-the-bed-thing is the best case scenario. ¬†Worst case involves a corded mouse and strange gyrations in order to play Minesweeper.

Anyone else got any crazy horrid dates they’ve been on? Care to share?

But it’s so DIRTY!

And, no, I’m not talking about my mind!

My store is foul.¬† FOUL I SAY!¬† It’s like no one understands clean is a verb.¬† The floor gets mopped maybe once a day.¬† The trash cans get cleaned…mmmmm…I’m just gonna say never.¬† And I’m sure at least one person is thinking “But why do you need to clean trash cans?”¬† Well, when you live in South Texas it get’s pretty darned hot, and heat + trash = STINKY!

Yeah, it’s that bad.¬† And not only that, but apparently there’s a clerk, a plain old clerk, who gets paid something like $7.50/hr doing assistant manager work.¬† I’m not okay with this.¬† So I’ve got a call out to The Boss to find out what’s going on with this.¬† This kids doing a decent job.¬† He could use someone to ride his ass (no, not like that you sick freak, he’s married…although he is kinda cute…STOP MAKING ME THINK BAD THINGS!) and get him to move a bit more.¬† Coming in everyday to full trash and dirty floors and nothing stocked is NOT ok.¬† But that’s just par for the course at this store, which makes me sad.¬† Also, it makes me angry.

If they DO want me to be a manager at this store, a lot of people are going to be pissed because if it’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s laziness in the workplace.¬† I mean hello, it’s called “work” for a reason.¬† If you want to get paid to just stand around and only occasionally have to do something important, get a security job manning the gate of a warehouse or something.

Yeah, that’s right, I just talked a little smack about the security industry.¬† But I can do that because I did that.

If you don’t like it, BITE ME!

And what do YOU wanna be when you grow up?

I want to be a DINOSAUR!  RAWR!*

Actually, I want to major in Physics and Art.¬† Yeah, I know, what a great way to become independently wealthy.¬† But at least I won’t have to be a starving artist, like now, working at some dead-end job and spending all my money on art supplies and praying I have enough ramen noodles to last until next payday.*¬† I can go work for NASA and spend all my money on art supplies and pray I have enough ramen noodles to last until next payday!¬† How much more exciting would that be, eh?

But actually, those are my two passions, and that’s what I would like to do, go to school for Art and Physics.¬† I keep trying to misspell “Physics” as “Physicalics”, which, thankfully, isn’t as bad a Freudian slip as, say, “Phallics”.¬† I think if I were to start typing “Phallic” all over the place I’d just shoot myself because, honestly, if things were that bad, I’m obviously either too psycho to even qualify for a desperate one-night-stand, or too ugly.¬† But thankfully there is porn and I’m okay with that.¬† Porn doesn’t tell me to not drink so much, clean up that mess, do the dishes, or scream at me because I didn’t buy the right brand of toilet paper even though I saved $3 fucking dollars by buying the BETTER quality toilet paper and I really don’t give a fuck about “toilet paper” lint being left on my ass because, HELLO, it’s better than having SHIT left on my ass because the MORE EXPENSIVE BRAND you INSIST upon using doesn’t wipe NEARLY as clean as the stuff I grew up with you stupid, ignorant, bitch! Whew, sorry, flashback to a prior relationship.¬† I should really get some help with this whole PTSD thing from her, but, meh.

And, yes, that actually WAS a real argument I had with someone I date and it actually lasted for a good solid month before I finally explained, “FUCK YOU I HAVE MY OWN FUCKING BATHROOM AND WILL USE THE TOILET PAPER I SO CHOOSE TO WIPE SHIT OFF MY ASS UNLESS YOU WANNA LICK IT OFF OF ME YOU FUCKING WHORE!” and it was settled.¬† And there might have been about twenty more expletives than that in the actual argument but my memory kind of fails me because I was black-out drunk at the time and that was about the point I came to and then I said something about being hormonal and horny and having low blood sugar and to not cross me anymore when it came to my bunghole because that was my own personal space nobody messed with and the last person who tried wound up in Guatemala and nobody’d heard from him for the past two years.¬† That’s also kind of a true story.¬† The Guatemala thing.¬† The toilet paper thing is TOTALLY a true story.

*RAWR means I love you in Dinosaur.¬† G-d, don’t you people, like, read and stuff?

New car, fresh cash, gotta steal!

So, if you follow me on Twitter you might have heard me complaining over the weekend about the jackass who stole the beer.¬† He was driving a pretty new Chevy Malibu, had his whole family in the car, and stole an 18 pack of Coors Light.¬† That pissed me off.¬† I mean, it pisses me off when people steal bear, anyway, but the sheer audacity to steal it with your whole family present, kid and everything, and put it into your SHINY NEW CAR pissed me off to no end.¬† If you wanna steal a loaf of bread or milk or some such, cool, go for it.¬† I’d probably applaud you for your survival skills.¬† You steal a candy bar, I’ll tell you to choke on it and have a nice day.¬† But you wanna steal beer in front of your family and drive away in your new car…motherfucker, just stay two feet away from me and you might get lucky and I’ll just spit on you.

In other news, life at that store is boring.¬† The crew is quite the cast of characters, however.¬† Like the chick with the pink hair.¬† Pink hair is awesome, I’m not gonna lie.¬† I just wanna know why I can’t have blue hair and still have a job.¬† I mean, hell, I get harassed and threatened and get sent to Hell, where we have to bag ice with a fucking scoop and bucket.¬† I feel like the coal shoveler on the steam engines, which is, of course, the job I always wanted.*

One of these days, though, I’m probably gonna snap and kill somebody, or at the very least cuss them out but good.

Like the bitch that decided I’m not good enough to ring her up because, G-d forbid, I asked her a question.¬† Apparently no one really likes her, though, so I don’t feel bad.¬† And I’m sure as fuck not gonna feel guilty when I tell her, “I’m sorry, ma’am, but I’m not allowed to turn the pump on for anyone unless they prepay as it’s our corporate policy to help maintain low gas prices and defeat the felony of drive-off’s, whether they be accidental or otherwise.¬† Will that be cash or charge?”

This bitch is so anal she makes us check the dates on her cigarettes before she buys them.¬† Apparently she even had the audacity to open a pack before checking the date and then, upon realizing they weren’t the freshest possible cigarettes she could have purchased, had the gall to demand she be allowed to exchange them.¬† Um, sorry, how about NO, YOU STUPID, FAT, CUMGUZZLING CUNT!

Whew, sorry, she just really irks me, and I really wish I could say that to her.¬† Oh, wait, if I’m outside, off camera, and there’s no witnesses, it never happened.¬† I’m such a bad boy.

*Note:  This is, in fact, a true fact.  That has been my dream job since childhood.  Do not judge me.

Gay people donate to charity mother fucker, so shut the fuck up!

So at work we’re doing this whole MDA donation thing where we ask people for change or to donate $1 or $5 dollars and then give them coupons for free stuff.¬† A lot of people say no, which is their prerogative, and completely ok.¬† I asked one guy, who used to be one of my favorite customers, if he wanted to donate his 29 cents to MDA and it went like this:

Me: would you like to donate your 29 cents to MDA?

Him: What’s that?

Me: Would you like to donate your 29 cents to MDA?¬† It’s the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

Him: MDA…what charity’s that again?

Me: The Muscular Dystrophy Association.¬† You know, Jerry’s Kids.

Him: PFFT, sure, yeah, I guess, since it helps those poor kids.¬† But, ya know, if anyone knew about Jerry’s private sexual life aint but nobody would donate to it.

Me: *laughs*

Him: No, I’m serious.¬† Damn homosexuals *mumble, mumble*

Wow, really?¬† It’s 20fucking10, y’all.¬† Who the fuck says shit like that now?¬† And it’s unusual to hear from someone older like that.¬† I’m used to the overly homophobic under 35 guys who seem to think they’re just so fucking hot everybody wants to fuck them.¬† Yeah, no, you’re not that hot, bro, so just stop all ready.¬† Hell, my pink-shirt-wearing-eyebrow-tweezing-hundred-pair-of-shoes-owning priss of a boss is the same damn way.¬† And, really, it’s kind of funny when he’s all “I don’t mind what you do in your own time, as long as none of them touch me” so, of course, I poke him.¬† (With my finger.¬† He’s married.¬† Damn, you people sure think dirty.)

Of course, there were the two chicks who looked damn near identical, though the one was shorter than the other, and I asked if they were related…that fucking pissed me off.¬† “What, you think all white people look alike?”¬† Um, no bitch, because my mama, though I never met the woman who’s spawn I am, was 10,000 times prettier than you will ever be, so stop being a stupid ho and smarten up a bit and suck some cock to make your $5 for your cheap pack of smokes and get the fuck out of my store.

Vista sucks about as well as a llama

Vista sucks. And not in that good mind-blowing blow sense of suck. Not even in that “holy shit, who would have thought a rim job could be good” kind of blow. It sucks in that “what the fuck was I thinking when I hit that” kind of sense. ¬†But at least now I know why they were charging $75 more to get XP than to go with Vista.

To be blunt, when comparing the two, XP is that amazing prostitute that gives the great head and has the nice, firm tits everyone wants to play with, while Vista is the overused whore on the corner who wasted all her money on pointless cosmetic surgeries in a vapid attempt to make her more attractive, all culminating in her being the chick that makes you think, “Oh, snap, that bitch done got hit by the ugly truck and the mother fucker backed up and ran over her again!”

I played with 98 quite a bit.  Instead of masturbating while I was in high school, or surfing the net for porn, I stayed up all night playing with settings and breaking Windows (which, honestly, is it really that hard to break Windows?) so I could figure out how to fix it.  Then I downgraded to 95 because I was bored and did the same thing.  All of that made XP not so difficult to work with when I had a problem.

Vista? ¬†That’s a whole different ball game.

It’s like when you sit down at the table to play cards and you’re all “Hit me!” or “Double down” and then they tell you you’re playing poker and you’re all “What the fuck? ¬†I don’t even play poker!” and then they laugh at you and take all you’re money. ¬†That’s exactly what Vista is like.

But it’s ok, because I pretended I was a complete and utter moron and did exactly what someone who only knew how to check their email would do and now I have a working computer. ¬†Yay for being intelligent enough to act stupid enough to fix Windows.

And I think I may have just insulted myself.