So, about that whole “compulsion” thing…

So, about a year ago, I was looking for a way to blow some cash¬†specific book at Borders, picked it up, picked up a few others, and then went to check out. ¬†Well, you know how The Evil Marketing Directors like to put “impulse buy” racks near the counters? ¬†They also put pretty books there, and I happened to pick one up and read the back, fell in love with it, found out it was the second in a trilogy, and bought all three. ¬†After I read the books I originally intended to purchase, I cracked open the first one and didn’t sleep until I finished the third one. ¬†(Note: ¬†They really are that good. ¬†Read them, NOW!) ¬†One of my coworkers, however, said that I had this “compulsion” to read things until I finished them. ¬†I couldn’t sleep unless I finished the book I was reading. ¬†That’s how I read the first four Ender novels so fast: I didn’t sleep.

A few days ago I was wanting to read some new web comics after finishing the xkcd archives, and did a quick Google. ¬†I came across this glorious comic and went to the archives. ¬†It looked familiar and I read two strips before I thought, “Nah, the art’s all hella crappy, I don’t wanna read it” but then realized I thought the same thing a few years ago and the homepage didn’t have art that looked like that. ¬†So I kept reading. ¬†I was hooked at strip #3 and just kept reading. ¬†It was well worth it. ¬†But then tonight I came across the horrid realization, after discovering there were no more to read, that I had just read 1655 strips of ONE comic without stopping.

Seriously, someone get me some Ativan, stat!