Doctor’s offices sometimes suck

So I hurt my back opening the dishwasher on January 7. Rather embarrassing, if I do say so myself. Earned me the wondrous nickname of “Powder Puff”.

I had to use my dad’s wheely walker (the kind with the basket attachment and the seat) because I couldn’t even stand up on my own, let alone walk. That was around 11:30 am. Mom got out of work around 4 so I had her take me to the urgent care place when she got out (Dad doesn’t do the best in these kinds of situations which, combined with how well I handle being on the receiving end of medical care, made me think this was for the best, which it was), at which point I was, thankfully, able to walk with just a cane.

I continued having to use the cane the next day (27 and using a cane…I really am an old man!) when I spent time with a friend, which was needed and I am eternally grateful for. Went back to the doc on the 22nd because they told me to come back in 10-14 days. In between all of that, I was walking because they told me to not be sedentary.

Walking rather sucked. My hip felt like it was going to go out from under me and the pain, at times, was almost unbearable (not from the level of pain, I should say, but from the type of pain). I told the doc this. He said, “Well, let’s x-ray your hip just to make sure you don’t have a fracture.”

Sure enough, no fracture. So now, not having any idea what’s wrong with my body, I’m completely freaking out. He calms me down by telling me it could just be from hurting my back, that a nerve may be pinched in there somewhere, sending faulty signals to my brain that something’s wrong with my hip, or cutting off signals FROM my hip, either way.

Okay, so I’m placated by that. They refer me to this clinic place that does pain management, physical therapy, MRIs…basically an all in one for what I need.  The only thing that stuck out to me was when he said, “We refer all of our worker’s comp there.”  Did they only take worker’s comp?  Hmmm…

So there was this mystery, and I was given the job of solving it.  I called on Monday, they said they’d call me back in about an hour or so.  That was around 10:30 or 11 am.  I called back at 4pm, not having heard back.  “I still haven’t heard anything, I’m hoping to hear back in the morning.”

I called them, again, on Wednesday or Thursday (this week as just jumbled itself all together) and was told I’d hear back after lunch from them, but they still hadn’t heard from their corporate office.  Cut to today when I finally get fed up with it and call the original doc’s office.

Thankfully they were completely awesome and within 30 minutes had referred me to a new doctor and are faxing over all of my information to them.  It’s only taken 3 weeks, but maybe I’ll find out just what’s wrong with me and can get it taken care of.

What’s happening on the work front, however, is a completely different post entirely.