I’ll gladly post Thursday what pissed me off today!

So while I was perusing my news feed on Facebook (no, sorry, not linking that, trying to phase it out of my life) I came across a post from a friend to this article about a woman who was put in jail for saying her children lived at their grandfather’s address so they could go to a better school.  While the idea of such a thing happening makes me physically ill, I realised the article left much to be desired.  So I followed one of the links to a newspaper article which stated much of the same, but still seemed a bit biased to the side of the mother (and, oddly enough, seems a bit biased against the media).  So I thought I’d check out some other articles in the process.

So I did a quick Google for the woman’s name (Kelley Williams-Bolar) and found a number of articles and blog posts about the incident.  So I’m going to read them, and then I’m going to write some more on my take of the subject.


Because I’m an opinionated asshole, that’s why.

So after reading the Slate article I’m beginning to wonder exactly where my school district’s money is going.  How many private investigators are they hiring instead of buying new text books, installing salad bars, or, heck, even hiring teachers?

The most interesting bit, by far, has to be The Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority (AMHA) attempting to find out if she did, in fact, live in public housing with her children.  Now, coming just from the stand point of common sense, if the jury has ruled she did, in fact, live in public housing with her children in Akron, OH, she shouldn’t be getting charge for living outside Akron, OH, because, at that point, the original charge can’t stand.  From a legal standpoint?

Dammit Jim, I’m a blogger, not a lawyer!

But that doesn’t mean I’m not opinionated.  Now, what are you’re opinions?

Who died and made you Queen? Oh, right…

So I woke up Monday morning to a missed call from work.  Great.  This never bodes well.  Usually I’m getting yelled at for not doing something or getting yelled at for doing something or someone called out and I gotta work an extra day/shift/whatever.  It’s just never a good thing to have that missed call from work and the cryptic, “Hey, Uriah, it’s your boss, give me a call when you get the chance, I have a very important question to ask you.”

I was very pleasantly surprised when I called back and was asked if I wanted to be promoted.  I said yes, and that was about it.

Wait, what?  You mean something actually kind of went my way? This totally never happens to me.  EVER.

So, I’m now the new assistant manager of Hell.  Unfortunately, one of the employees wants to be the assistant manager of Hell, which is actually kind of a good thing, since, while I want to be an assistant manager for now, I don’t want to be THE assistant manager of HELL.  No.  Sorry.  I took it because I’m the most trained (there’s all of, like, two things I don’t know yet) and he’s, well, not so much trained.  It wouldn’t make sense to turn down the position with its raise and bonus and better benefits and blahblahblah…

Needless to say, I have a plan.  And, hopefully, the plan will work.  Que evil maniacal laughter now.

So, about that whole “compulsion” thing…

So, about a year ago, I was looking for a way to blow some cash specific book at Borders, picked it up, picked up a few others, and then went to check out.  Well, you know how The Evil Marketing Directors like to put “impulse buy” racks near the counters?  They also put pretty books there, and I happened to pick one up and read the back, fell in love with it, found out it was the second in a trilogy, and bought all three.  After I read the books I originally intended to purchase, I cracked open the first one and didn’t sleep until I finished the third one.  (Note:  They really are that good.  Read them, NOW!)  One of my coworkers, however, said that I had this “compulsion” to read things until I finished them.  I couldn’t sleep unless I finished the book I was reading.  That’s how I read the first four Ender novels so fast: I didn’t sleep.

A few days ago I was wanting to read some new web comics after finishing the xkcd archives, and did a quick Google.  I came across this glorious comic and went to the archives.  It looked familiar and I read two strips before I thought, “Nah, the art’s all hella crappy, I don’t wanna read it” but then realized I thought the same thing a few years ago and the homepage didn’t have art that looked like that.  So I kept reading.  I was hooked at strip #3 and just kept reading.  It was well worth it.  But then tonight I came across the horrid realization, after discovering there were no more to read, that I had just read 1655 strips of ONE comic without stopping.

Seriously, someone get me some Ativan, stat!