Just Like Everyone Else

I read a blog post recently about NaNoWriMo that states the following:

Is it not a classic scenario where so and so has the unfinished novel in his or her desk drawer?

I had to laugh before I almost cried.  I wish my unfinished novel were in a desk drawer, but, alas, it’s not even typed into a document, let alone printed out and sitting somewhere.  And it’s not for lack of trying, either.  I just don’t seem to have the patience to put up with my horrid writing anymore, let alone the attention span to sit down and write more than ~500 words at a time.  I’m lucky if I break 300 in a blog post.

I’m going to keep trying, though, because it’s something I’ve always wanted to do.  It’s a dream of mine.  And this one thing, this one little thing, is what I’m going to work on.  Even if I never finish it, or I never query anyone with it, it’s what I’m going to do.  Because my goal isn’t to get published.  My goal is to write a book or 20, and have some fun along the way.