One Year Spanish

So I’m biting the bullet and finally putting my money where my mouth is, walking the walk, and facing the music that I need to learn Spanish.  It doesn’t hurt my attempt any by working with so many Spanish speakers at my new store and having a good portion (quite possibly a majority) of my customers who only speak Spanish.

I’m going to chronicle my journey through this wonderful world of becoming bilingual with my new Twitter account, One Year Spanish, since I’m giving myself ONE YEAR to become conversational.

Like many people, I knew a few things at the start, like numbers one through twenty-nine, hello, goodbye, and a few others.  Already I’ve picked up enough to carry on a tiny conversation, mostly small talk, and a bit more to help me at work, like, “Where is your care?” when someone wants to buy gas, as well as a few other things.

I’m really looking forward to seeing exactly where this goes and what kinds of crazy adventures I may find myself on as I journey from being an ignorant n00b to being able to hold my own in almost any situation.