The Grocery Store

I remember when my favorite grocery store opened.  I fell in love with it.  It was bright and shiny and new.  Everyone was happy and friendly.  My parents didn’t like it, but I did.  I’d even stop in during lunch in high school to grab some fresh fruit or something to munch on during class.

So when I moved back here in 2005, where did I go to do my grocery shopping?  That same store.  But, of course, it changed with time, as all things do.

Below is a copy of what I sent customer service tonight after my latest and, I fear, possibly last visit to what once was my favorite place to shop.


This store seems to be on a downward slide.  It’s been that way for a few years now.  Every time the store gets staffed with good people (hard workers, polite, friendly), they don’t last very long.  The store is often (regardless of the time of day) dirty, with bags laying in the aisles.  I work as a retail manager, and I cringe every time I walk into this store and someone is mopping because it would appear this store doesn’t have the budget to purchase the appropriate CAUTION signs.  When I arrived and tried to find parking, the cart attendant was loading carts and filling the thoroughfare, then proceeded to stop, while blocking traffic, and talk to friends.  When I left a different cart attendant was doing the same thing.  There was a kid in produce who almost ran over an elderly customer with his carts.  I’ve been in line at this store at 10pm and watched as they shut down registers, heedless to the customers waiting.  Honestly, however, the state of the produce department on today’s visit, as well as 7/27/12, have me rethinking my shopping habits.  There were fruit flies everywhere.  There was rotten fruit (lemons, limes, plums, peaches), the last batch of fresh blueberries I purchased were the worst I’ve ever had in my life.  I’ve never had a berry that was firm and beautiful outside, yet a mushy mess inside.  I understand this is a quality issue from the supplier, most likely, however, with the state of the sales floor, I cannot help but question the state of the storage area.  And this isn’t the first time I’ve purchased disastrously detestable fruit.  Last year I purchased three pounds of green plumcots, only to have them eaten from the inside out by pests.  This makes me question the quality of the produce from other locations and wonder if there are, in fact, adequate quality controls in place.  The cashier on Friday’s visit was blatantly rude to myself, the customer before me, and the bagger who came to assist him.  The bagger, however, was polite and cordial, and provided me with the greetings (albeit late) the cashier refused, even when I greeted HIM.  I was certainly glad I didn’t have any questions or problems with my transaction aside from his attitude.  What I would really like is to know what happened to my HEB?  I’ve shopped at this store since it was built.  I’d stop and get fresh fruit for lunch when I went to Clark.  It was a great store where everyone seemed happy and everyone was polite.  Please bring my old HEB back.

I’m going to miss the convenience of shopping at this store, but I’d rather have a hassle and no insect infestations.  I’d rather drive further and spend a few extra dollars at Sprouts, knowing I’ll be treated like a customer rather than an annoyance.

Besides, sprouts has blueberry pie.

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