Despite what my dating history might suggest, I have a love for sweet things. Ice cream, cake, and, of course, a good fruit pie. And for the past year I’ve had an almost irresistible craving for blueberry pie.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to find blueberry pie in this town?

Frustrated wanting drives productivity, apparently.


It was a simple recipe I found through a quick search. Not having white sugar I used Brown, and unable to find cinnamon amongst the myriad seasonings in my cabinet, I used pumpkin pie spice, so it’s a Summer pie with a lovely hint of Autumn.


I haven’t baked a pie in years, so I made a few mistakes, but hopefully it will still taste as lovely baked as it did sitting in the bowl.  Even if it is a little dark around the edges.


But aren’t we all?


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