A Cut and Almost Getting Run Over

The only thought that went through my mind as I dove for the brush, my safety, was, “DAMN! If only I could get a picture!”

And what did I want to get a picture of?

The car, in the hiking park, that almost ran me over.


Don’t mistake my meaning. This wasn’t in the parking lot, or walking to the park. This was inside the park, surrounded by trees, plants, dung beetles, sunflowers, rabbits, and, apparently, motorized vehicles driven by homicidal maniacs who wave when they pass by.

I consider almost being run over by these smiling, waving lunatics almost ironic, and certainly fitting, considering my life, since I just read Fahrenheit 451 yesterday.

I also met a rock that didn’t like me walking on it, and therefore decided to run away.


The end result was me cleaning my leg with tampons (why can’t we be a normal family and have cotton balls?) soaked in witch hazel, shaving the area (no leg waxing via bandaid for me, no sir), and butterflied it shut.



Lovely view, right? Also, here is a picture of some pretty flowers: