Be gentle, please

It’s been quite a while wince I’ve written a poem. No, you’re not going to get the story behind this. And if you think it’s about you, you’re probably wrong…unless, of course, you’re the person this is about…

I felt my heart begin to freeze
When she brought down upon my knees
The Queen of Scots knows my pain
Wishing for a guillotine
One blow, two, then finally three
She brought me down upon my knees

When I first saw you, you were spring
The permafrost began to thaw
And now my heart can glow and sing
Without fear of her frozen maw

It wasn’t once, or twice, nor thrice
Five times my heart’s been encased in ice
I’d built a fort, big walls, a moat
All to keep those traitors out
And as my heart began to freeze
I fell again upon my knees

And then I saw you, wondrous spring
And the permafrost began to thaw
My broken heart can dance and sing
Escaping hates cold, frozen maw

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