Fixing my credit: Step 1

So I really want a new car.  Not a new to me car.  A shiny beautiful new car that won’t be driven by anyone else.  I want to take the packing off of it myself.  However, with my credit, the closest I’ll get is the, “Holy shit how am I gonna pay my rent?  Guess I’ll sell my car FAST!” kind of car.  That’s not good enough.

I want an RX-8.  And I want it in blue.  With twin white racing stripes running from stem to stern.  I want leather seats, with every bell and whistle imaginable.  And I don’t want to pay out the nose in interest.

So, I’m gonna have to work my ass off (second job = acquired), pay off some old debts (updated credit report = August 8), and make sure I don’t get myself into too much trouble between now and when I drive off that lot.

There’s other things I need to do, and things I’ll probably do instead of getting that RX-8, like buying a motorcycle (fuel efficiency + fun = OUTSTANDING), getting my teeth fixed (I’ll be in that dentist chair on Wednesday), joining a gym to get in shape (apparently Buddha is not the god women are most attracted to), and saving up money for retirement/school/whatever.

I have my emergency money already saved up (3 months of living expenses which, for me, wouldn’t include the high amount of travel I do for work everyday so it’s probably closer to 9 months in that account) plus some extra for either retirement or fun or bills or whatever may come.

I applied for several different cards (the kind that try to screw you over with high interest) in the hopes of acquiring something that I can use to show stability.  I really don’t want a secured card because, I’m sorry, I don’t want to have to pay interest to spend my own money, not to mention having to make payments, as well.  Granted, I understand the concept of it, but still, that’s a year of having my own money sitting in an account and I’m not getting interest on it.  As much as I want to build my credit, that doesn’t sit well with me enough to actually do something like that.  I’d rather just live cash only at that point, like I’m doing now, finish paying off the debt that I have (making sure to have it taken off the reports when I do), and then start over in a year or two, maybe with a personal loan from my company’s credit union, or my credit union, or whatever…

And as much as I enjoy listening to Dave Ramsey, I was raised by baby boomers, so I demand instant gratification, none of this “waiting until I can buy it outright” crap.  I’m too stereotypically American for that…which is what got me into this mess in the first place.

Well, that and being screwed by an insurance company….but that’s another post entirely.

Now to wait and see what tomorrow brings.

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