Self-pity or writer’s block?

So I haven’t written in days.  Not even a blog post.  I just haven’t had the urge…that doesn’t sound quite right.  I’ve wanted to, but every time I sit down at the keyboard, there’s nothing.  So I read a bit, lie down in an attempt to get the characters’ next actions settled a bit in my mind, but it doesn’t help.  Not at all.

Maybe it’s because I’m not happy with where my story has been going and simply wish I could delete it and start over, which is typically where I usually end up (the self-pity portion of “I’m such a terrible writer!  Woe unto me!”) and never finish anything.

Perhaps I just can’t think of anything or anywhere to take it anymore.  I haven’t completely written myself into a corner.  Rather, I may have done the opposite and have no idea whether I want to follow the generic summary I wrote for myself as an outline or if I wish to take it into a separate direction as there are so many options!!!

Alternatively, it may also simply be a loss of motivation.  Maybe I just don’t see a reason to continue writing and am simply unable to admit it to myself.  I’m not sure.

So I have, today, forced myself to sit down, in front of the keyboard, stare at my monitor, and write a blog post.  Then, after this is scheduled to publish, I shall write a second.  After that, I shall sit and write some fiction.

Will it be another short story?  Will it be work on this manuscript I started, perhaps starting it over as a separate document?  Will I start something completely new?

The suspense is killing me!


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