I’m going insane!

I’ve been out of work for almost two weeks now.  TWO WEEKS!

No, I’m not unemployed, I just opened my dishwasher.  No, really, I OPENED my DISHWASHER.  I didn’t try to move it.  That’s not code for “I thought it would be a good idea to pick up my truck and see what happened.”  I just opened.  The dishwasher.

So I’ve been spending my time on Twitter.  And playing some games.  I even went to WholeFoods and got the tilapia during their one day sale.  I bought a book on kanji that I hope will help me learn if I ever get up the energy to use it.

The thing I haven’t done that I’ve been so used to doing everyday for 12 years?


And I’m losing my mind because of it.

So, please, if you care about me at all:  SEND COOKIES!  OR CLOWNS!

I’ll take clowns…ANYTHING to END the MONOTONY!


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