Somebody is making a rather big mistake, I think…

No, I live in Texas, and, if I’ve learned one thing from living in Texas, it’s that Texans like to drink beer.  They’ll drink whenever and wherever they can.  The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, or TABC, is the ruling body concerning alcohol.  For people who work in a convenience store, they are the bogey man.

Having read this story and having worked in a convenience store and spent plenty of time hanging out in different convenience stores with friends, I can clearly state that this is the worst idea I have ever heard.  Now, granted, I have never had the pleasure of visiting Pennsylvania, nor do I even have any idea what the area around this convenience store is like.  Maybe you live there or have been, or maybe you know someone who has.  Maybe it’s a really nice area.  I don’t know.  But I know that, at least in the three states I’ve lived in, this would never work.  There’s a reason why that scene in those movies where the characters are brown bagging it outside 7 Eleven always precedes a scene involving a police chase or some other such trouble.

While grocery stores and the like get the grouchy “I haven’t had my morning brew yet” people, we get the fall down, gotta lean on my friend the wet floor sign because I can’t stand up on my own, hit on you because I don’t know you and oh I’m sorry I didn’t realize you were a dude and why are you three guys staring at me like that, drunks.  So, of course, it would just be an even better idea if the state were to force us to serve them beer in our stores!

Okay, enough of that.  I just checked Wikipedia for answers and apparently Pennsylvania as a 1984 style control system over alcohol and you can only buy liquor from the state of Pennsylvania and cannot buy beer from convenience stores or grocery stores.  I guess we should call Pennsylvania the Ministry of Spirits.  I wonder if they sell anything other than Freedom Wine and Freedom Tequila?

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