C to the R to the A to the Z to the Y!

So what’s it like being crazy?  Sometimes it’s fun, in that runaway-train-headed-towards-a-non-existant-bridge-above-a-pit-of-lava-with-only-thorns-to-slow-you-on-the-300-story-fall.  You never know what’s going to happen, when it’s going to happen, or where it’s gonna stop.  It’s months of wanting nothing more than to be left alone followed by months of craving companionship.  It’s “don’t touch me I need you love me I hate you” filled arguments with lovers.  It’s telling your friend to get mortally fucked by a rhinoceros before asking them to dinner.  It’s breaking up with the woman you tell everyday you want to marry only to beg forgiveness, get fucked up the ass by one guy and pregnant by another, then telling her it’s her fault.

It’s waking up in tears and immediately laughing about it and thinking it’s so funny you call everyone in your phone despite it being 4am.

It’s wanting to kill yourself because the dolphins swimming in the waves are beautiful.

Crazy is as crazy as crazy can be.  It’s having to rhyme chime sign shine because there’s no other way to be.

Crazy is crying because the bacteria on your hands won’t go away and two-hour showers because the soap won’t suds evenly and biking forty miles because you have to hit that curb with the other foot, too, or else things won’t be even.

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