I have good news! And it has nothing to do with car insurance!

So, way back when I first discovered the Interwebs and had my first computer, but before I discovered Napster, I found this totally awesome website called mp3.com (when it was still cool) and had a BLAST listening to all these indy artists I’d never heard of before.  My favorite two were Robin Hackett and claywerks.  I bought the albums from both of them.  Sadly, a couple years ago my claywerks cd had a fatal accident involving a drunken party, apple juice, and sunlight.  So I searched and searched and searched and Googled and Yahoo!ed and Excited and Lycosed and, finally, discovered David Hurley on MySpace and sent him this very sad (read: desperate) message about how my cd died, blah blah blah, and he said, sorry, no dice on the cd, kid.  I was so sad I cried.  Yes, really, I cried.

So, this year’s been pretty shitty thus far.  I haven’t really gotten my hopes up for anything good to happen.  I just figured it would all go downhill some more.  Well, I was wrong, it’s actually gotten to be very, very, very good.  I’m so happy right now that I could cry again.  Why?  Because David Hurley has posted claywerks songs on YouTube and I’m sitting here listening to them as I write this.  Seriously, when he sent me that message on MySpace saying he did so, I think I came.  It’s THAT kind of good news.

So, excuse me while I go listen to some awesome music and orgasm again.

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