Epically bad timing is the theme of my life

So I’ve been trying to get out of the store I’m at since my boss is an idiot too nice a guy to work for.  I found a place to go, but, alas, thanks to having the epically poor timing I have been graced with, one of my employees quit, leaving us shorthanded by a full timer.  This situation does not please me.

One of the managers has six kids.  It takes a lot to finagle someone to take care of six kids, especially on short notice.  And especially when the notice you’re given is at 10 o’clock at night.  All because the store manager decided he deserves a day off.  I’m not ok with that.  The assistant’s not ok with that.  Apparently it doesn’t matter.

And apparently computers are never wrong.  They’re suggestions are always right.  Which boils down to us having a weeks supply of Copenhagen delivered three times a week so we end up throwing it away and writing it off.

And I worked with a kid tonight who is 18 going on 79.  There used to be this 78-year-old woman who worked with us in Subway.  She wasn’t crotchety, but she was moody as hell and seemed to have a chip on her shoulder.  This guy…yeah…  Kind of makes me wonder what he’s actually going to be like when he hits 78.

But don’t mess with the elderly.  This lady thought my employee was being rude and decided to go on the following tangent:

Well, I guess if I was too stupid to have a real job and a retirement plan so I could actually retire and was forced to work at a fucking Subway when I was 92 fucking years old I’d be a rude, bitter, shriveled old bitch, too!  But that doesn’t mean she has to be a rude, bitter old bitch to me.  I don’t deserve that shit.  I’m never coming back to this fucking Subway again.  Stupid old hag!

To which I replied by throwing her money at her and giving her 60 seconds to leave my store before I reported her for stealing sandwiches and gave PD her license plate number.

And, yes, I realize the above response is rather lame and anticlimactic, but for a guy who normally just smiles and nods and says “Yes ma’am/No ma’am” and then calls her a fucking cunt later to actually say that to the customer that’s still standing in front of him…it felt good.  It felt damn good.  And what made it even sweeter is I never got in trouble for it.

I deserve a fucking cookie.


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