While on the potty

I have absolutely no time to write lately, which sucks cuz I wanted to start my novel. So I’ve started blogging on the toilet at work. This is what my life has become. A stinky shit hole.

I’ve already written about the idiot I currently work for and mentioned a few of the past idiots. I hope no one sees me as being like that. Then again, when was the last time I mentioned it to my bosses? Never. So who knows how my employees feel about me? Who even knows what my boss thinks of me?

Oh, right, everyone in the store who’s not me.

And, seriously, how hard is it to pee IN a toilet? I’ve never had a problem with it. I cane even pee into a bottle. If you’re under ten years old, then I can kind of understand. I mean, everything takes practice before making perfect. But come on, 40-year-old men! There is ABSOLUTELY no reason for me to have to hike up my pants so I can sink a sub.


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