Deliriousness is fun…WHEE!

I am one step closer to insanity at this point.  I worked from 2p – 10p, went back from 1a – 5a, then went back again from 9a – 5p, then went back yet again from ~1a – 4a.  I haven’t slept since I woke up Saturday morning at 7.  So, needless to say, every time I want to go smoke a cigarette, I find myself inexplicably in the bathroom with my pants around my ankles.

Also, RedBox is evil.  I reserved “Zombieland” at a kiosk at a place I had to be, but some fucktard broke the thing.  It’s driving me nuts what they could possibly have shoved into it to get it stuck on the screen “Your DVD return cannot be accepted” blahblahblah, and the acceptor whirring away…for over an hour…

Really, people, RedBox does not take dirty diapers, despite some of the movies being as bad as flying poo.

Although flying Pooh would be highly entertaining.

Also, I really need to get laid, I think.  Every guy I’ve seen in the past three days between the ages of 20 and 35 have had me drooling.  This is a picky man writing this.  Also, women are suddenly hot again.  Two years is just too damn long to not get any.  It’s all I’ve asked for the past two years for every gift giving occasion.  You would think that somebody would love me enough to help me out a bit.

But that’s okay.  I’ll suffer my loneliness alone since apparently I don’t have any real friends who love me.


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