I think competition is healthy but pitting girl scout against girl scout is just wrong!

So my mom wanted snickers and her roommate wanted nestea.  I never found the nestea.  I had absolutely no idea where to look, nor did anyone else I asked, so I just got her the Arizona tea because, honestly, who doesn’t like Arizona tea?  As I was leaving Walgreens to try CVS on the Great Tea Hunt 2010, I bought Mom a box of girl scout cookies.  I walked up and said, “Hey guys” to the two little girls and their mom’s, only to be shot dirty looks and harshly asked, “What do you want” by one of the mothers.  Ok, so, if you’re that freaked out that every guy who walks up to your kid is a child molesting murderer, maybe you shouldn’t have them standing outside the drugstore next to the county hospital selling cookies with a big sign begging people to come talk to them.

I bought Mom’s cookies anyway.  At CVS they had a group of girls who were having a blast waving signs and one was dressed up as a box of girl scout cookies.  I feel I should have gone back to the first group, asked for a refund, and then given my money to the people who actually have a personality.


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