At least I found the chapel

So my mom fell at work yesterday afternoon and broke her pelvis. I think. Last night they said that the socket for the ball and socket joint broke off like a cupboard opens on an excruciatingly painful hinge and today I was told it was the ball at the top of her femur that broke off and lodged in her pelvis. All I know is thinking about it makes me queezy because I can imagine what that pain was like.

Her phone has been ringing non-stop. The cell AND room phone. And my poor dad who can’t here shit has been trying to talk to all these people who are all bossy, pushy teachers. And they’re all (yes, ALL, every last one of them thanks to her former principle (she’s a retired school lady teacher type person) making an announcement about Mrs. Odell falling and breaking and hospital and, yeah) coming up here today. So, yeah, she needs the rest she’s getting right now with my dad and aunt gone.

And they had the heat set to, like, a million and a half Kelvins in here for the longest time. So, yeah, now that I’m all sweaty they cut the heat on.

But I’ve got my Tanakh, and am reading about Job, so I totally don’t feel like things are NEARLY as bad as they could be.

PS: I apologize for all the caps. I’m updating from my iPhone (because I’m all cool and tech savvy despite not quite knowing how to work foursquare) on the app and don’t know how to do bold or links or really anything other than simply type stuff.

This doesn’t mean I want an iPad, though. I think I’ll wait till I actually NEED an incontinence product.

And, yes, I totally DID just go there.

*Update: I completely forgot to tell the chapel story and also tell the hot guy story so neither the title nor tags make any sense.  I’m under a bit of pressure.  Why do you people expect so much from me?!?!?!

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