ADD Blogger Alert!

So I woke up one morning and wanted to blog about something and, for the life of me, I couldn’t string two thoughts together to make a fried egg sandwich, so the blog didn’t happen.  Then I went to work, taught my boss how to use Facebook, gave him a 140 character explanation of twitter, went to a friend’s house to look at his bike and make sure he was still treating it okay since he’s previously been abusive to it in the past, and then came home with my head ready to explode with blogging ideas like a zit on a fat man’s ass.

I thought, “Hey, okay, no problem.  I’ll type all my little ideas into a file and save them for when I feel like writing about them or can’t think of anything interested!”  But, alas, now I can’t sleep…so, I’ve got three posts sitting on the back burner as drafts, just waiting to be spit polished and published.  Sadly, though, that’s only the beginning.

So I got the brilliant idea of using the Notes app on my iPhone to write everything down.  Thus far I have 3 separate notes about 4 pages each and haven’t written about any of them.

Also, breakfast is highly overrated.

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