Why I need a new job before I go insane and lay some smack down

So remember when two guys came into my store and set the men’s restroom on fire so they could steal a hot 12 pack of Bud Light?  Yeah, that totally happened.

Also, some lady just screamed at me because someone else didn’t take the sale sign down and she was throwing a hissy fit about >$2 and I was all nice and sweet and “No problem, ma’am, I’ll fix that for you” and then she came back to my store after driving 20 minutes to her house and threw another hissy fit about 78 cents that she was supposed to save from the sale on the gum and it was actually there on her receipt that she had saved the 78 cents so she went away feeling extremely stupid and deflated and will hopefully never come back to my store.  Ever.

Also also, I totally discovered that living on all beef hotdogs and turkey sausage is NOT healthy and will totally make you sick.  So, yeah, don’t do that.



  1. Hey there,

    I found your blog from a comment on The Bloggess so I decided to stop by. Your commentaries on life in the convenience store world have had me laughing out loud. It’s kinda cool to find a blogger just starting out. Wish you all the best. Keep it up!


    • Thanks Marcusss, and I will, although I hope the robbers completely understand when I whip out my phone to snap photos and blog the entire event in the process all in the name of entertaining my readers.

  2. […] on this whole “I need a new job” thing, I’m totally thinking of taking the great advice I was given and taking the […]

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