Going back to school and learning to use wordpress

So I started this blog, in all honesty, because someone told me to after I got drunk and shot off an email (true story).  But now I’m starting to get all into it.  I took a trip to Austin because there’s nothing I’ve found worth writing about in this city other than the crazies I have a tendency to attract.  Why do I attract crazies, anyway?  I guess I’m not as crazy as I thought since opposites attract, and all, but, then again, I can totally keep up with completely random posts and most of my posts are completely random, anyway.  What was I doing?

Oh, yeah, going to school.

So I’ve been thinking about going to school again, at least to take some classes, which would be kind of hard considering I’d have to drive to Austin to take classes because the schools out here don’t serve people like me who were kicked out of high school.  No, really, I was kicked out of high school for being smarter than the teachers and more popular than the cheerleaders.  Can you figure out what part of that sentence is true?

But before I can do that, I need to figure out how to use WordPress because I can’t very well take awesome pictures on my adventures so I can put them on my blog just so they can sit on my phone or my Flickr page and rot away so no one can see them (which is exactly what they’re doing right now).

But, alas, I still haven’t figured out how to insert images into my emails, because if I could, I’d be sending totally awesome pictures to some really cool people because sending emails that are completely random have absolutely no bearing on the current stalker charges.


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