Hello world!

I really wanted to change the title of this post but as I was big into computer programming when I was in high school I have to hold true to the history of programming and leave it to tradition.

G-d, just thinking about high school gives me an anxiety attack.  Nothing like being too geeky to hang out with the geeks, to attractive to hang out with the ugly people, to ugly to hang out with the attractive people, yet somehow being popular.  It makes no sense…Mommy, please help me.

All that aside, here I am, at the urging of someone who is totally one of my heroes.  She has this amazing super power called “Sense of Humor” that is just totally rocking and I love her for it…unless she was kidding when she made this crazy suggestion that I start a blog…but that would mean she wasn’t crazy, which would make her sane, which would actually make it a decent suggestion, which is what I took her on, which means that by doing so I’m saying she’s not actually crazy and actually not funny but she’s totally my hero because she is funny so I totally have no idea what I’m saying right now think I’m just gonna roll with it and see what happens.


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